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Our team of experienced Inspectors will be your eyes and ears on property to ensure that the identified “guest experience” matches your hotel’s promise of quality.

Our Quality Assurance Inspection Report is based on the qualifications and standards applied by internationally recognized systems which are the basis for a thorough measuring system. We act as an unbiased quality measuring system for verification of service standards and product consistency.

A member of our team of quality assurance inspectors will visit the property and arrive anonymously for a recommended minimum stay of two nights.

The Inspector will conduct a personal on-site Quality Assurance Inspection of all front-of-the-house areas of the hotel.

After the inspection, we provide a detailed report consisting of:

  • Inspector’s Narrative – A key area of the report providing a full subjective overview of the hotel stay featuring details of exceptional service as well as identifying areas of opportunity in all guest contact areas.
  • QA Report broken down by specific departments and providing Inspector’s comments for each specific criteria
  • Digital Photos – To back up findings
  • Trend Graphs – By Department providing at-a-glance results
  • Online Access of Reports, Photos, Graphs


- n., pl - ties - (1) the degree of excellence which a thing possesses (2) excellence; superiority (3) basic nature; character (4) any of the features that make something what it is; characteristic element ; attribute (5) position

“We contracted Diamond Hospitality to conduct Quality Assurance Inspections at one of our properties and were very pleased with the report and its in-depth findings.

Diamond Hospitality is an experienced Quality Assurance company with a proven track record – we would recommend them to anyone serious about increasing the overall level of customer service at a property.”

Walter Kohlross,
Key Management Group